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At the Jacobson Insurance Services LLC, we provide prompt service and expert advice for your personal insurance, business insurance, and life insurance needs here in northeast Wisconsin. We represent Erie Insurance, a recognized service leader in the industry.

Our partnership with Erie Insurance allows us to offer our policyholders as near perfect protection, as near perfect service as is humanly possible, and to do so at the lowest possible cost.

Specializing In Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance has been helping customers since 1925 with their auto, home, business, and life insurance needs.
Kim Jacobson
Bill Jacobson
Kim Jacobson and Bill Jacobson
Insurance Agents / Owners
  • Delcey Lynn Ledvina
    They’ll try do whatever it takes to help!
  • Chris Vanderveren
    Kim and Bill are super helpful and understanding as well as easy to talk to!
  • Penny LaForest
    Saved us some $$ but better than that we have WAYYYY better insurance!!!
  • Sheldon Ruttner
    Always a pleasure to deal with. They clearly care about their customers!
  • Shelley Vogel
    Everytime i have had an issue they took care of it quickly and without hassle!!
  • Lisa Wellner
    They are always helping you get the lowest rate possible.
  • Dave E. VanderWeele
    This guy is awesome!
  • Amanda Fredenberg
    Also, super friendly and very easy to talk to.
  • Carlesha Fudge
    Really respectful and professional...
  • JD
    Jacobson Insurance was wonderful to work with...
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